Energy healing is a safe, painless, non-invasive method of healing that works through clearing and balancing the chakras and the human bio field.

It is based on an ancient philosophy that poor health is caused by a disturbance to the flow of energy

within and around the body.

The human energy field, or bio-field, is a subtle electromagnetic light layer that surrounds our body and permeates through it.

When we are feeling healthy and happy, and that life is good, our energy flows freely which helps us maintain health and well-being.

Imbalances, or blockages, in our energy body can be caused through physical or emotional trauma,

or over a period of time through established mental patterns of stress, anxiety and fear.

One of the functions of the aura is to ‘bring to life’ and to nourish and energize our physical body.

The energy field and the chakras

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